The BladeRunners first formed in 2005 as the brainchild of DJ 7L and Steve “The RaZor” Picardi.


The initial collaboration was basically for 7L to just make a cool mega mix using all kinds of music and for Steve “The RaZor” to be fed some dope sounds to chop and edit. Once the mix made it’s way around, interest started coming in from DJ’s wanting full versions of these edits to play out. Of these DJ’s, Stretch Armstrong was most influential in wanting tracks, specifically the BladeRunners re-work of Madonna “Physical Attraction”, or “Physical Edits” as it became known. From there other people caught on such as DJ AM, The Rub, DJ Z-Trip, Kenny Dope, The Crooklyn Clan, DJ Vice etc. and were all playing the edits which led to the release of The BladeRunners first 12″ that combined The RaZor edits alongside 7L production. Around the same time 7L and long time collaborator DJ Beyonder were working on Remixes/Edits of their own to play when DJing out. It was during these sessions that led to future


BladeRunner track “This is Not a Love Song” that turns the classic Public Image Limited single of the same title, into what TURNTABLE LAB called a ‘Daft Punk inspired dance track’. From here on, DJ Beyonder came into the BladeRunner fold, and the three have been cranking out a fairly diverse musical catalog. Whether it’s reworking dance floor staples such as Stardust ‘Music Sounds Better’ or the cut n paste style on their MC Shan “Bridge” remix, 80’s gem “Didn’t Mean to Turn You on” (Cherelle), to the classic B Boy anthem “Champ”, the BladeRunners stay consistent in tackling different genres of music while always putting their stamp on it and giving it that different edge.